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Soulmatte's Elegant Two-Part Dress Pattern: Dance in Delight!
🌟 Description:
Embark on a journey of glamour and poise with Soulmatte's Tulle Dress Sewing Pattern. Perfectly designed for sizes 36-42, this enchanting dress is a harmonious blend of a snug-fitting bodysuit and a gracefully flowing chiffon skirt. The two-part construction ensures comfort, style, and ease of movement, making it an ideal choice for dancing or any special occasion.

✨ Pattern Highlights:
Sizes: Tailored for sizes 36-42, providing a versatile fit for various body types.
Two-Part Harmony: Experience the magic of a form-fitting bodysuit.

Luxurious Materials: Opt for stretchy velvet fabric for the bodysuit, enhancing it with additional lace embellishments on the chest and back. Use 4-ways stretchy fabric.

The skirt is elegantly sewn from soft chiffon, ensuring comfort and style in every movement. You will need 5,2 meters of fabric for one skirt layer. The more layers the better!

Instant Download: Begin your creative journey promptly by downloading the pattern and start crafting your dream dress.

🌈 Pattern Details:
Seam Allowance: With a +1cm seam allowance included, the pattern ensures precision in sewing, allowing for a polished and refined final product.

Printer-Friendly: Formatted for regular A4 or US Letter format, making the pattern accessible to sewing enthusiasts with standard home printers.

📽️ Tutorial Assistance:
Although the PDF lacks a written tutorial, Soulmatte offers detailed video tutorials guiding you through the creation of both the bodysuit and the underskirt. These comprehensive videos make the sewing process accessible and enjoyable, catering to sewists of all skill levels.

This is the video for making this bodysuit pattern:

Video for sewing this skirt:

🎉 Bring Elegance to Life with Soulmatte's Tulle Dress Pattern! 🎉👗ct me!

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