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Sewing pattern which I used for making this dress in the picture.

Sizes 36-42

This dress is made from two parts: 

Tulle skirt

The dress is made from two parts that the sewing and fitting would be easier. A bodysuit makes the dress more fitted and comfortable. It's easier to move it stays in place while wearing. it won't go up while dancing or moving.

In this PDF pattern, You will find a Bodysuit and  SKIRT.

It is very important to choose the correct material for the bodysuit. Use only stretchy lycra fabric. For the top in this picture, I used streatchy velvet fabric.

For the skirt, I used soft chiffon. I sew the underskirt from non-see-through soft satin.

The Pattern is in PDF format. 

For a regular A4 format printer. Pattern is big, lots of pages to print.

Add +1cm seam allowance.

Tutorial for similar bodysuit:


Tutorial for this skirt:

Wedding dress with straps, Church Dress

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