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DIY fitted top pattern suitable for beginners

It requires about 14 inches or 35 centimeters of the main fabric and 95in or 240cm elastic string.

I used a thicker tricot. I like that it's completely non-see-trough. On the other hand, this fabric likes to roll on edges while cutting, and it didn't make for the process any help :/ so if You are a real beginner, I suggest You notice that while choosing Your fabric.

Place all the paper patterns and then mark on the fabric around it with chalk. It is necessary to pin the pattern to the fabric before cutting.

Remember to fold the fabric and put the pattern to the folding line.

You should end up whit one back detail, one waist details, and four triangle shape like details for the chest area.

Cut the pattern pieces.

The next step is to sew together the top stitches of the neckline. It's like making the lining from the same fabric. It makes the bust area less see-through.

Now sew together two bust details with the waist detail of the front. At this moment, You should have all parts of the front of the blouse sew together and separate one back detail.

Sew these two details on the sides.

Finish the back neckline with the elastic. I used different color elastic. I sewed it on with the simple sewing machine. Choose the settings for elastic.

Finish the armholes with the same elastic string. I added metal rings.

Sew the staps from the same elastic to the metal rings.

Finish the bottom whit one elastic seam. I left 2 cm on the bottom part for folding.

I used two layers of fabric on the chest. Also, I choose thicker spandex for this blouse. So in a result, this garment is suitable for me to wear it as a bralette :)

You can find the pattern for this top in my PATTERN section, or on the link bellow.

Download PDF • 1.48MB

This is the pattern in sizes XS, S, M, L ( EU 34, 36, 38, 40, 42).

The Pattern is in PDF format.

You will need to glue on some details together.

This PDF doesn't include a tutorial on how to sew it.

Made for regular A4 format printer.

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1 Comment

Cole Leos
Cole Leos
Nov 07, 2020

can you make a vid on how you sewed it i dont understand how you sewed it

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