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DIY transformer dress

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

More than a year ago, I was asked to sew this type of dress by my dear friend. And finally, the time has come!

I think it illustrates the idea of the capsule wardrobe perfectly. Less is more! And in this case: one dress - 7 ways to wear it! I love this dress design for its versatility.

I love all dresses with long sleeves and also that it's comfortable because of its baggy design.

I made an instant download PDF printable pattern, and You can find it in this website pattern section.

My favorite way to wear this dress is when it's naked shoulders, big trapeze drapes on the hips + matching belt. I like the idea that You can change your look as the day goes.

I think it's a practical garment suitable for a minimalist look.

This dress is suitable for real DIY sewing dress beginners, it only has 4 side seams.

The way You finish the edges of the garment is up to You.

I folded the edges two times and sew them with the elastic stitch. Also, a good choice could be the "baby lock" seam. You want maximum stretchiness of the seam - just without breaking it.

Baggy long sleeves dress

One sleeve dress

Sleeveless dress

Short tunic

Tunic blouse

Mini dress

Maxi shirt

Dress with drapes

And anything else You can think of!

Easy to sew DIY dress project.

Please notice that You will need WIDER than regular fabric!

260cm X 180cm fabric

103inch X 71 inch

I suggest using fabric which both good and bad sides look similar.

Another option: You can find the fabric with contrasting colors or patterns. Then, sew it with the french seam. In that case, You could wear it from both sides :O

Pattern suits only for 4 ways stretchy thin lycra fabric.

This is the pattern in sizes XS, S, M, L ( EU 36, 38, 40, 42).

The Pattern is in PDF format to print on a regular A4 format paper.

You will need to glue some details together.

Add 1 cm seam allowance.

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