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Retro pin-up look inspired skirt + vintage underskirt pattern

DIY Skirt

Add seam allowance to all patterns (suggested +1 cm)

1. Cut 10 pieces. Iron the flizelin on the bad side of the fabric.

Overlock the sides of the detail.

2. Cut 1 waist detail. Iron the flizelin on the bad side of the fabric.

3. Sew all the side seams of the skirt

4.Sew the waist to the skirt.

5.Sew the zipper

6.Finish the bottom. Fold 1 cm.

7. Make sure that when You wear the skirt, the folds of the skirt and the folds of the underskirt is one line. Take time to fix each

drape for the best look.

Sewing tulle underskirt

1. Cut underskirt detail A (tulle fabric)

2. Cut 6 rectangle pieces of tulle fabric for ruffles

150cm x 15 cm

59 inces x 5,9inches

3. Sew the ruffles on detail A

4. Repeat these steps. In total, You need 10 pieces

5. Cut 10 pieces of detail B

6. Sew details A and details B together

7. Finish the waist with a wide elastic string. Measure elastic to Your waist.

Make sure to spread all ruffles equally on the waistband.

The pattern itself is really simple to sew.

On the same note, please have in mind that this type of evening skirt requires putting a bit more time into sewing (the underskirt has a lot of ruffles).

It requires about 67 inches or 170 centimeters of the main fabric.

For underskirt: 10 yards or 10 meters of tulle. You could use less of it. It depends on the softness of the tulle You would choose to use.

Best wishes


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